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Don’t have time to bring your computer to our shop? Can’t wait for a technician to come out? Our technicians can securely connect to your computer over the internet. How does it work? By running a small program on your computer you will receive a code which will allow a technician to connect to your computer. This code is randomly generated each time you open the program; access to your computer is closed when the program is closed. Once you give our technicians the code generated by our software, they will be able to securely connect to your computer to perform services. You will be able to watch them control your computer, and you are able to take control at any time.

Requirements: Your computer must be running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (note: Windows 7 may not always work properly). Your computer must have a High-Speed internet connection (Cable, DSL, or Cell Phone with a good signal). You must have a credit card to pay for services – all services must be paid in advance. You must be able to access this website and run the connection software.Services we can perform: Any service that requires physical access to your machine must be performed on-site or in-store. If you are suffering from a severe virus infection, we may not be able to run the tools necessary to remove the infections, in which case you will have the option of bringing your system in the store, scheduling an in-home or in-business appointment, or receiving a refund for services not performed.Instructions: Please read the following disclaimer. Once you have read to the disclaimer, please click the link at the bottom of the disclaimer stating that you accept the terms of the disclaimer. You will have to scroll down to the end of the disclaimer below to access the download link. After clicking the link, you must choose the “SAVE” option and save the file to your computer. Once the file is downloaded, “run” or “open” the software to receive your access code. Once you have your access code, call Computer Ambulance Service at (970)241-9333 and notify the technician you have a Remote Access Code.

Please read the disclaimer, then click one of the links at the bottom

There is absolutely no warranty on software issues after a 24-hour period of service on your system; you must call C.A.S. Inc. if there is a problem with your computer. C.A.S. Inc. is not responsible for any software loading or Internet use that may change configuration on your computer in this 24-hour period.

I understand that any time a computer is accessed, the hard drive may become damaged, or otherwise partially or wholly non-functional; I also understand that viruses may have infected my personal files and programs, and that these files and programs may be lost.

It is my responsibility to have a backup of my data before having it serviced.

I understand C.A.S. Inc. is not responsible for recovering data or reloading programs during repairs unless I request and pay for that service.

I hereby waive or release all claims against Computer Ambulance Service, Inc. for damage or loss of data contained in my computers hard drive while such computer is in their possession or control.

I understand that if C.A.S. Inc. is unable to service my computer remotely, I may receive a partial refund for services NOT performed.

If a service has been performed on my computer, I waive all rights to refunds of that service.

If my computer is not able to be serviced remotely I may bring it to a local C.A.S. Inc. location and have funds paid applied towards in-store services; I may also have a technician service my computer in-home or in-business and have funds paid applied towards in-home or in-business services; I agree to pay the difference between the remote service and in-store or in-home service if I want these services to be performed, and I agree to pay any applicable charges related to in-home or in-business support.

I understand that Virus or Spyware Removal is generally not performed on-site, and that on-site services are billed by the hour; I also understand that Virus Removal may take several hours to perform.

I understand that C.A.S. Inc. uses free, open source software licensed under the GPL (GNU Public License). I may request a copy of this license over the phone or in-person; I may also request the source code for any GPL licensed programs used by C.A.S. Inc.

I understand that C.A.s. Inc. is not obligated to perform any services for me.

I acknowledge that providing false information to C.A.S. Inc. may result in refusal of current or future services; I understand that if, due to false information, C.A.S. Inc. is unable to verify my identity, I will not be eligible for any refunds.

I agree to and accept all of the terms listed above. Download the Remote Software Now! (for Windows xp, Windows Vista, and Windows 7)